Basic program design with Balsamiq software

In this tutorial, we will design the ux of our application with Balsamic software and create the initial design

Balsamic software

Balsamic is a software for managing and planning tasks and projects. This software helps you manage your daily tasks and plan projects and tasks well. If you plan to use balsamic, follow these steps:

Download the software: Go to the official Balsamic website at Or get it from an Iranian site like
Request a demo or registration: From the main page of the site, you can use different parts of the Balsamic software. You can go to the appropriate section for free demo or registration.
Installation and use: Once you have access to the Balsamic software, you can access it through your web browser and use its various features to manage and schedule tasks and projects.

Note that Balsamic is a commercial software and you may need to pay to use all its features. For more details and pricing, visit the official Balsamic website.

Working with Balsamic software

Balsamic is a task and project management and planning software. Here is a description of how to work with Balsamic software:

Log in to your account: After registering and getting access to Balsamik, log in to your user panel using your account information.
Create project: First you can create your own projects. For this, you usually have to go to the project management section and create a new project from here. You can schedule different tasks in each project.
Adding tasks: You can add different tasks in each project. For each task, you can set a title, exact due date, description, and other attributes.
Scheduling and deadlines: You can set deadlines and due dates for each task. It helps that the tasks are well planned and completed at the right time.
Visualization and reports: Balsamic usually provides tools for visualizing and reporting on the progress of projects and tasks. You can view the progress of the project graphically and informatively.
Collaboration and sharing: If several people are involved in a project, you can share tasks with your colleagues and work on the project as a team.
Settings and Customization: Some project management software provides customization and settings. You can make settings related to how tasks, notifications and other features are displayed.
Track and Edit: You can also track tasks and edit or update them as needed.

Note that the features and user experience of Balsamic software may vary in different versions and quantities. It is better to use the resources and documentation related to the specific version of the software to learn more.

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